Piano Night

Every Saturday from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Variety Meal

Marathon Special Tibs

Fresh Kitfo

On-line Reservations

Have events? Use our website to reserve for any special party or dinner for any size upto 60 people.

The Fasting Season is over!

Piano Night
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kitfoFasting is serious and is observed by adults. People eat only after 3pm in the afternoon, going through the morning with no food or water. Ethiopian Orthodox church mandates having no meat, fat, eggs or milk, and fasting is not just in Advent and Lent.

Fasting is abstinence from all kind of food for a limited time until the fast season is over. This can be performed by abstaining from tilulat  and keeping ones body from food and dinking. Fasting is not absenting from tilulat but also from all things harmful to human beings; on the contrary it includes doing all vitreous deeds for others.


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