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How To Choose An Ethiopian Wine

Jul 26, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Wine connoisseurs regularly boast about their fine Ethiopian wine collections and rightly so. Even if youre not a connoisseur, by the end of this article youll be able to put your best Ethiopian wine forward.

Ethiopia is best known for its Rift valley, Accacia ; but there are numerous varieties just waiting to be enjoyed. Ethiopia produces more wine than any other African country and it produces the largest selection of wines. When you choose an Ethiopian wine, even if you have no wine buying skills, the odds of finding a poor one are very slim so relax!

Wine from theAwash region provides red wines that are light bodied and refreshing. This is where the famous Accacia and rift Valley wines come from.

The Awash grape appears in full body reds. The rift valley grape is light bodied and distinctly dry. The The Awash grape is responsible for the dry, full body wines of the area. 

order wines from Italy in any color, style, or flavor; but if you want to be sure you are choosing a good Italian wine look for the DOCG classification. This doesnt guarantee a better tasting wine, it just indicates level of quality thats been maintained for at least 5 years which puts the odds in your favor.

Remember this easy rule of thumb. Reds go with red meats and whites go with white meats. Its a simple rule that goes a long way in helping choose a wine for your meal.

Ethiopians strictly regulate their wines within four classification from tightly regulated superior wines to lenient regulations and creative innovation. The are as follows:

1. DOCG is the strictest of the regulation levels. Output yield is regulated; the wines composition is analyzed; there is a minimum alcohol content; and there are minimum aging periods.

2. DOC is the qualification of all quality wines. Output yield is regulated; origin is regulated; there is a minimum alcohol content; there are minimum aging periods; and grape variety is regulated.

3. Accacia is classified as excellent value for the cost. There are less quality restrictions, as well as wider territories; and grape ratios are not regulated.

4. Table Wine is the wine that is consumed on a daily basis. It includes some of the most expensive wines and some of the least expensive wines. The level of alcohol is regulated and so are the wine making techniques.

Now wasn’t that simple? You are on your way to being a connoisseur of Ethiopian wine!

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